Guido’s continuing priorities:

Improve neighborhood safety.

Our neighborhoods are our homes. They are where our children play and where many of us spend our free time enjoying the company of our friends and neighbors. Over the last four years, the City of Tampa has made impressive strides in improving the safety of our neighborhoods, but there is still much work to be done. I will continue to be the strong neighborhood advocate that you expect me to be and will strive to ensure that every neighborhood enjoys a renewed sense of community.

Work to streamline the small business permitting process.

Starting a new business in any city can be full of headaches and Tampa is no different. I have worked to streamline the small business permitting process and I will continue to see that this experience becomes even less burdensome. We must cut through the red tape that small business owners face and make Tampa a more business-friendly city.

Better coordination of services between city departments.

Our services in Tampa are among some of the best. But, as in any growing city, we need to keep pace with the demand these places on the various departments providing those services. This includes improving communication between city departments to avoid duplication of services or the unnecessary wasting of our tax dollars. I have been, and will remain, a faithful steward for fiscal and organizational responsibility within the City of Tampa.

Continue to advocate for viable transportation alternatives.

While there are many things we love about the history of Tampa, the fact that our transportation system remains a relic of times gone by is not one of them. For Tampa to compete in an ever-expanding global marketplace, we must increase our transportation options and improve those that already exist. The passage of the “All for Transportation” initiative in November of 2018 puts Tampa in a unique position. We now have a dedicated stream of revenue to develop new transportation alternatives which will ease traffic congestion and reduce wear and tear on our roads. As the first elected official in Hillsborough County to speak out against the TBX proposal, I am proud to have been a leader in the effort to oppose that plan which would have had a disastrous impact on some of our neighborhoods and businesses. I pledge to remain vigilant in the fight to ensure that we spend transportation dollars wisely and in a manner which will have the most benefit for our residents.

Make the City of Tampa more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

While increasing the presence of sidewalks and bicycle lanes will help alleviate some of our traffic problems, it would go further to increasing our recreation options and, therefore, our quality of life. I support the continued expansion of our network of bicycle lanes and sidewalks. While we often talk about increasing job opportunities, it is important that we also invest in the aspects of our community that will make new residents feel that they haven’t just found a new job, but that they have also found a new home.

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